Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Who do you say that I am?"

Have you ever wondered why Jesus healed so many people? Why he raised some from the dead? Why he changed water into wine and multiplied the loaves and fish? Why he walked on water and calmed the storm? There are some who think most if not all of these miracles did not happen, but were made up by his disciples in order to create the myth of the god-man. The skeptics and the modernists think that Jesus was just a good man who tried to teach others how to be more kind, more generous, more forgiving, etc. They think that everything else that we find in the gospels is pure fiction.

If these people are correct then the apostles were a strange bunch who were willing to travel to the ends of the earth and eventual die for a story they knew was not true. I think that there is a better way to understand the gospels that makes far more sense, at least to me. I believe that Jesus knew from the very beginning of his ministry that his mission in life was to do something far more than to tell people that they should be nice to one another and try to get along. The reason why Jesus came into this world was to bring salvation to a world that was lost in sin. Everything that Jesus said and did was directed toward the goal of demonstrating the fact that he had the power to bring new life to those who were dead in their sins.

When Jesus healed people it was not just because he felt sorry for them and did not want to see them suffer. Every miracle that Jesus did was done so that people in everyplace and for all time would know that he was who he said he was. He was the Son of God who through his death and resurrection would take away the sins of the world and give eternal life to everyone who believed in him.

There is one catch to all this. If you think that you have not sinned and do not need to be forgiven; or, if you think that you are basically a good person and that going to church once in awhile is enough, then I would suggest that you need to read the gospels and find out what Jesus actually said to the walking dead who thought that they did not need a savior.